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July Unlimited SMS Training and Recovery Package

July Unlimited SMS Training and Recovery Package

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  1. Initial Assessment: This is the starting point for developing a personalized plan. By assessing the individual's current fitness level, understanding their goals, and identifying any specific needs, the trainer can create a plan tailored to their unique requirements.

  2. In-person Speed and Agility Sessions: These sessions provide hands-on training aimed at enhancing speed, agility, and overall athletic performance. With sessions held twice a week, participants can expect regular, focused training to achieve their goals.

  3. Online at Home Program Guide: This guide ensures continuity of training beyond the in-person sessions. It offers a structured program that individuals can follow from the comfort of their own homes, making it convenient to stay on track with their fitness goals.

  4. Nutrition/Supplement Guidance: Proper nutrition is vital for optimizing performance and recovery. The guidance provided likely includes recommendations on meal planning, nutrient timing, hydration strategies, and possibly the use of supplements to support the athlete's development and recovery process.

  5. Repair and Recovery: Sunday Recovery: Active Warm up, leg compression, Theragun Isolation treatment, Static Stretching Session. 

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